The Cosmic Architecture
Architects Protector
Hanging Gardens of Babylon
The Ark and the Global Flood
Pyramid of Cheops and its Secret I
The Crowns of Egypt and their Secrets II
Dynasti 0 in Ancient Egypt III
Mayas-Incas-Aztecs and Their Secrets
Ancient Persia and its Secrets
Tutankhamon, the Young Lion
Nero, Fright and Poetry
Moon Mystery
Obscure Magyar
Aries, Capricorn and the Fullness Time
The Maya Calendar and Omega
Foundation Stone
The Fourth Pyramid which Disappeared
Prince of Pontecorvo or
Visitors to the Moon, final
Man, God and Science
Now it is time to build the Ark again!
High Priest Caiaphas�s Willm
The Sun at a Disadvantage
Shroud of Turin, The mystery of All Mysteries
New electric circuit system
Architecture Awards 2016
Ecellence Awards 2016
The King of Polar Light
Aesir Cult
The Falcon does not Fly any More
On the Road of Life
Excellence Award 2017
The Arrival of the Neutron Star
Abomination of Desolation
The Ark; The Cosmic Global Flood
The Lambs Will
Man�s Will
Architecture, Excellence Awards 2018
The Neutron Star is Here�
Son of Global Crimes
The Sinking Fishing-boat
Conquering Space I
Conquering Space II
Architecture Award 2019 II
Conquering Space III, final
NOAA, Dark Star, and Global Warmning, final
Conquering Space-extra
Conquering Space IV, Final Days
Conquering Space 18, Lucifer
NASA: Nemesis, the Sekond Sun
Space and climate
Conquering Space 18, extra
Conquering Space 18, Conversion
Conquering Space 23, 100-year-Anniversary

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