The Cosmic Architecture

A New Way of Building

Cosmic Construction & Build Co. is a relatively recent business in the architecture and construction trade. The activities of the company are aimed at producing new types of buildings matching changes in climate, i.e. the company only deals in producing future buildings, featured here as various illustrated models.

The Cosmic Architecture: A new way of constructing buildings resistant to climate changes: floods, hurricanes and earthquakes. The company’s activities focus on four different target groups: 1. The sports movement, 2. Consumers, 3. Business, and 4. The public sector.

Stadium/Arena, One- and two-storey family homes, Research and Development, Hospitals, Blocks of flats

The Cosmic Architecture is characterized by its “spheres”, i.e. all suns, stars, planets and moons are formed as spheres and these spheres revolve in their orbits in the shapes of ellipses, spirals and circles. Even atoms are shaped as spheres.

We exist in a new era of climate changes. This means new ways building and planning; we need to build safe housing, more solid than those of today, housing capable of better resisting natural disasters such as floods, hurricanes and earthquakes. These natural disasters do not wait for circumstances to improve, they are already in motion around the world. What are we waiting for? To defend ourselves, we need to fetch the new architecture directly from cosmos, the so-called “Cosmic Architecture” and allow it to resist natural disasters. In other words: put nature against nature .

Stadiums in Sweden
Single family homes
Apartment buildings
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