The Dark Matter

by Josef Kemény

If you, at night, regard the large, wide celestial canopy you can clearly see the stars hanging from the dark matter which encircles the whole universe. This is the real dark matter which we call Heaven. There are two different types of this dark matter. One between the stars within the galaxies themselves, pictures A and B, another between the galaxies, pictures C and D.
Pictures A and B illustrate dark matter in within the galaxies while C and D concern dark matter between the galaxies.

If we regard the celestial canopy closely with our bare eyes we see that heaven consists of black or dark blue matter in which there is also another kind of matter constituting suns, stars and galaxies. In other words: matter is created within matter. What does it imply when matter is enclosed in another matter and what happens there? If it is possible that one matter can be placed within another matter, it might mean that several other types of matter can be placed within each other without it being possible for us to discover the hidden matter. The secret behind this is that each matter is built at its own vibration level, a frequency field we cannot see with our bare eyes. At this moment we know about seven different matters in our galaxy, the Milky Way. The proper galaxy is divided into seven different worlds, each with its own dark matter at one and the same place. This is what we call the small celestial canopy.

Part 1, Dark Matter in the Milky Way

By these seven pictures I try to illustrate the seven different worlds, each one at its own vibration level and with its own dark matter. The pictures are numbered from vibration level 1 to 7.

Picture 1: This picture shows a volcanic eruption in our world. At this vibration level we can see how suns and stars burn.

Picture 2: If you change the frequency field of the dark matter, you end up at another vibration level in the same place. Its adherent light is invisible to us. There we encounter another world, totally independent of the world existing at vibration level 1.

Picture 3: If you change the frequency field of dark matter even further, you will visit a third world at the corresponding vibration level and its adherent light.

Picture 4: This landscape symbolizes the fourth world in the dark matter, existing in the same place as the other three worlds but at its own corresponding vibration level, invisible to our eyes and totally independent of the other worlds.

Picture 5: This landscape symbolizes the fifth world in the dark matter, also on its own vibration level with its adherent light and independent of the worlds mentioned above.

Picture 6: This landscape illustrates the sixth world in the dark matter on its unique vibration level and with its adherent light, also independent of the worlds mentioned above

Picture 7: This picture of the sea illustrates the seventh world in the dark matter, also on its own vibration level with its adherent light, invisible to us.Please note that these pictures are taken on Earth
Please note that these pictures are taken on Earth

If you change the frequency field of the dark matter, you can immediately find yourself at another vibration level in the same dark matter with its adherent light. Only at our vibration level, however, the black hole is perceived as being black. To the other vibration levels it is perceived as white light. At the moment we know of seven different worlds existing at their own vibration levels, all with their adherent lights, all independent of the existence of the other worlds. In practice this means that each planet and each moon is inhabited by beings at all vibration levels in each solar system in our galaxy.
Symbolically these seven different pictures illustrate the seven different worlds at their own vibration levels, respectively, with adherent lights in the dark matter. In other words: the seven different worlds with different frequency fields, but at an identical position, together form the dark matter. The communication between these seven worlds is carried out by the so-called flying saucers. There specially designed engines hanging from below the vehicles make it possible to travel from one vibration level to another. They move in an instance from one world to another by the engines’ change of matter in the frequency field of the spaceship. In that way the spaceship disappears from our field of vision in spite of the fact that it exists at the same position.
If we put the pictures 1 to 7 together, as above, we produce the same dark matter as shown in picture U, the matter of origin in our galaxy. The stars constitute its atomic world.

Short Summary

As has already been mentioned, each vibration world has its unique light characterizing that special world. Each vibration world has its own, global field of gravity. In six out of seven vibration worlds the sun is seen as a darker sphere, possible to walk and live on. If we regard the celestial canopy at night, we see lots of stars in the sky. These stars are nothing but the atomic world of the dark matter, consisting of millions of solar systems in our galaxy. This dark matter is to be found in each galaxy. Simultaneously we can establish that the majority of the stars are alive, thus it is an issue of living matter. Communication between these seven vibration worlds implies the knowledge of how to change the frequency field of the matter. You cannot change the frequency field of dark matter. You can, however, construct a spaceship with the capacity of changing its own matter’s frequency field. In that way you can in an instance visit all vibration worlds, each one inhabited by beings which are, of course, invisible to us in our vibration world. When a spaceship immediately disappears, it changes its frequency field and becomes invisible to us while at the same time staying at the exactly same position in another vibration world.

Part 2, Dark Matter between the Galaxies

It is very important to be able to keep the two dark matters apart: the dark matter to be found within the galaxy, i.e. the small celestial canopy (pictures A and B) and the dark matter to be found between the galaxies, i.e. the large celestial canopy (pictures C and D). See above.

In the dark matter within the galaxies there are in the matter itself seven independent worlds, each at its own vibration level. But the question is ho many vibration worlds there are in the dark matter between the galaxies. According to my knowledge there is only one. If you could change the frequency field of the large celestial canopy, you might be able to find a sea at another vibration level. This could constitute the new large celestial canopy , also called dark energy, in which the galaxies would be able to swim, as in picture K. For further information, see link to Universe.

Figure 4a illustrates four different vibration worlds in the very same dark matter in our galaxy. The four different worlds are all characterized by the fact that their structure consists of a nucleus or sun with a positive charge and an electron or planet with a negative charge. The electrons with a negative charge encircle the nucleus with a positive charge. This is so-called koino matter.

Figure 4b illustrates the three different vibration worlds consisting of a nucleus or sun with a negative charge and a positron or planet with a positive charge. The positrons with a positive charge encircle the negative nucleus, this is so called antimatter. In the interior of the galaxy the situation is reverse. Four worlds consist of antimatter and three of koino matter.

The worlds are totally independent of each other. In reality this means that all solar systems, suns, planets, moons and galaxies are inhabited at different frequency fields and because of that we see no other groups of inhabitants in our solar system. This world, vibration world number one, is in fact the world of death. All those who can flee from here because this vibration level is closest to the visible atomic world of matter.
Note that both illustrations show the differences between koino matter and antimatter in a symbolic way.
Communication between the seven different vibration worlds is implemented by various types of space vehicles.
The cigar-shaped mother ships are shown here. In some pictures we see reconnaissance vehicles leaving the mother ship. These space vehicles come here from all vibration worlds. The proof that dark matter consists of seven different worlds is the immediate disappearance of the space ships in spite of the fact that they remain in the same position and that we can read in the Bible about “seven heavens”, equalling seven worlds. For further information and the complete context, see link to Universe.

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