The End of Science

by John Horgan

This link is about John Horgan and his book The End of Science and references to it.
The American science journalist John Horgan, contributor and former editor of Scientific American is the main person of this link. His new book, The End of Science, discusses the superstring theory as an example of the death of science. His theory is that the successes of natural science have also brought about its death – there is nothing more to discover by using scientific methods. He goes on writing that experimental technology will never catch up with theories like the one of superstrings. According to him the issue is no longer natural science, but rather philosophy. I believe he is absolutely right in his opinion on contemporary science.


If you read my links concerning climate changes, dark materia, and Universe you will find that John Horgan is right in criticizing contemporary science. Chaos reigns in contemporary science, without any explanation. Read his book and then assess the situation yourself.

Shakespeare on Universe

’O God, I could be bounded in a nut shell and count myself a king of infinite space’ – Shakespeare: Hamlet II. ii. Is this philosophy or science? Read the link Universe and find out immediately what Universe is.

The Cosmic Architecture
Changes in Climate
The Dark Matter
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