Cosmic Construction & Build Co.

Cosmic Construction & Build Co.
Box 151
149 22 Nynäshamn



Swedish organisation number: 969689-0947

PlusGiro: 127 78 36 - 1

Bankgiro: 5769-2840

A new concept:

Cosmic Construction & Build is a relatively young company in the architecture and construction line of business. The enterprise is to produce new types of building connected to climate changes, i.e. the company only deals with future buildings and constructions.


Josef Kemény, Engineer, inventor, natural scientist, writer. Member of the Swedish Astronomical Society (SAS) and Amateur Astronomers of Stockholm (STAR).

(Kemény, Szabolcs József, born on September 3, 1949, Hungary.) Responsible for the company and its enterprise.


Magdolna Kemény, Artist, composer, silversmith

(Kemény, Emöke Magdolna, born on September 17, 1950, Hungary.)


Tibor Kemény, Designer, Inventor, Jack-of-all-trades

(Kemény, Tibor István, born on April 18, 1923, in ex-Yugoslavia, died on May 4, 1991 in Stockholm). His knowledge of technology forms the basis of this company.


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