Survival project

Related to climate changes

This concept is looking for volunteer financiers of a gigantic project within the construction sector. Anyone participating should meet the following requirements:
1 be balanced and stable
2 be very perceptive
3 be a discerning person
4 be co-operative
Knowledge of nature and history are further qualifications. Concept deposit is € 1,000,000 or the equivalent amount in US $ per financier

Anyone who wishes to contribute with a gigantic effort towards the survival of Mankind should not hesitate to become a financier. “Life” is the most important issue in this concept even though it is worth thousands of billions dollars. Please write a few lines to give your reasons to why you want to join the project.
Since this is a unique project, it should be financed in a suitable, unique way. A model is to be found below. The inner circle will consist of persons willing to finance above all villas and family homes. This group will form a financing company, e.g. ‘Cosmic Invest’. This group will consist of seven private investors from various parts of the world.

The middle circle will contain seven different financing firms from various parts of the world. This group will form a common financing company called ‘Cosmic Capital’. This company will deal with the financing of housing, hotels, office buildings, malls, schools, hospitals, etc.

The outer circle will consist of seven different banks from all over the world. This group will also form a common financing company called ‘Cosmic Bank – Group Capital’ and will be behind the financing of arenas.

NB! Applicants which are considered not suitable will be refunded with the total deposit, see above

Time is short

We face a terrible, gigantic catastrophe which the earth has never behold before. The catastrophe will occur at a defined time, in the nearest future. Thus, this is a struggle against time. After the catastrophe the starting point for continuing survival work will be much lower. We should be aware of the fact that natural catastrophes and other kinds of catastrophe will arrive, one after the other after the gigantic catastrophe. Very hard and demanding times await us all. The Concept is based on, among other things, Science at a high level and other sources not available to the public. The Concept describes the Universe/Life, the role of our galaxy the Milky Way and consequently the connections to climate changes. The Concept is a so-called ‘Intelligence Capital’ which can be complemented with capital/investments.
This Concept is a tool for investors, a useful tool which helps us understand where to build and invest profitably on the earth. Simultaneously is offers possibilities for survival and further life.
Join the project, do not hesitate, you will not regret your decision. Mail your membership application, the reasons why you want to join and pay the deposit. The capital is needed for the gigantic project planning. When you are accepted as a financier member of the project you will be invited to a personal meeting in Stockholm. Once there, you will personally receive the Concept on a CD. Please visit the company’s home page, which is the gate to the project.

Kind regards
Josef Kemény
Cosmic Construction & Build Co.
Bank Giro: 5769-2840, Sweden.

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